Laboratory Department

Mrs. L. Ngwenya Bachelor of Science Med Lab Sciences HOD & A/Chief Laboratory Scientist

United Bulawayo Hospitals laboratory is open 24/7 to assist in the screening, diagnosis, monitoring, treating and prevention of disease. Our staff use modern internationally accepted laboratory methods by providing timely and the best possible quality results and services

Laboratory Scientist

The laboratory is based within the hospital and features the following:

Haematology –full blood tests ,ESR ,MPS  ,INR (coagulation tests) , sickle cell ,differential count ,blood grouping  ,reticulocyte count

CD4 – CD4% ,CD4 ,CD8 ,CD3 AND CD45

Chemistry – UIEs ,RBS ,LFT,billirubins,uric acid ,amylase , calcium ,magnesium ,phosphate ,cardice ,enzymes ,CFS ,protein ,glucose and globulin ,total protein and albumin ,Bence Jones protein ,creatinine clearance

Microbiology –culture and sensitivity of all samples i.e. pus swabs  ,aspirates ,fluids ,effusions and blood ,CFS analysis ,semen analysis

Parasitology– microscopical examination of urine and stools ,urine dipstick

Serology – RPR and TPHA ,HIV ,Pregnancy  test ,Hepatitis B screen ,ASOT, rheumatoid factor

Viral load –viral load

Referred tests–sputum for microscopy  and culture ,cytology specimens ,histology samples ,virology samples (UBH sends samples to other laboratories)

Hours of Operation

Mondays- Friday, 8:00 to 1:00 for routine tests

24/7 for emergencies