Pharmacy Department

Ms. J Kumirai HOD & Acting Chief Pharmacist

The pharmacy at United Bulawayo Hospitals provides all Vital, Essential and Necessary (VEN) medications which meet the clinical needs of UBH clients and surrounding areas which also cater for all individual doses at price that the community can afford.

Pharmacy Department

The pharmacy department is responsible for the following:

Procuring and stocking

Issuing and dispensing to in and out patients

Personalized pharmaceutical counseling to the community

The pharmacy is subdivided into the following departments;

The main pharmacy is located in the Main Hospital, ground floor. It caters for all in patients and staff.

Out Patients Pharmacy is located in O.P.D. (Out Patient Department) and it caters for Out patients

O.I Pharmacy is located at O.I.C. department. It caters for O.I. patients and referrals/visitors

Main Pharmacy stores which is responsible for issuing medicines to all pharmacy departments as well as ward stocks.

Surgical stores department where all surgicals are issued as well as ward stock(PPE included in this Covid19 era.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday; 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Weekends and Holidays; 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

After normal working hours, there is a pharmacist on call to assist clients.