Department of Surgery

Dr. M. Magara MBChB (UZ) FCS Specialist Surgery & Consultant

Dr. B. Gwanda MBChB (UZ) Specialist Surgery & Consultant

Dr. T. Mukosera MBChB (UZ), FCS (ECSA) Specialist Surgeon & Consultant

Dr. KN Lenge MD Specialist Anaesthetics  HOD & Consultant

General surgery





There are two firms admitting in Grey, Pettigrew, Eaton (Paediatrics) wards. Stable patients are transferred to BMB

Theatre Days

Tuesdays- Elective cases.

Thursdays- Emergency cases are operated as they come depending on their condition.

OPD Clinics

Monday to Friday- Patients have to be booked in Room 4 before they can be seen by specialists

Wards Rounds are done every day including Saturdays


UBH is currently training doctors to become surgical specialists and also hosts junior doctors from UZ for their internship


Mr. C. Msasanure  MBChB, FCS Ortho (COSECSA), Orthopaedics HOD & Consultant

G Matindi MCh(ORTHO),MBChB, BSc Specialist Orthopaedic & Consultant

Swene B MBChB (UZ), FCS (ECSA) Specialist Orthopaedic & Consultant

The department has two firms and is headed by Mr. Collen Msasanure. The two Orthopaedic firms run each an OPD Clinic and an elective theatre list once per week.  One of the firms additionally run a Club Foot Clinic which uses the Ponseti method to treat Club Foot under the Bulawayo Club Foot Project. The Department is most of the time, overwhelmed by trauma patients due to the increasing number of road traffic accidents. It serves the southern half of Zimbabwe.

Orthopaedic clinic days -Outpatients Department (OPD)

Tuesday and Thursday mornings which are essentially fracture Clinics although a small proportion of the patients are non-trauma Orthopaedics.

The Club Foot Clinic is run each Wednesday morning

The elective theatre lists are done on Mondays and Fridays.

Ward rounds are routinely done throughout the week.

The Department assists in the training of newly qualified housemen who are attached to each firm for 6 weeks at a time and also assists the local nursing school in the training of student nurses.

Wards– Ellis Ward, Eaton and Pettigrew female ward


Dr. T. Mushawarima MBChB, FCS (ECSA) Specialist Urology & Consultant

Clinic days-Thursdays at Outpatients Department (OPD).

We operate elective cases on Mondays.


Dr. O. Malemane MBChB (UZ) Mmed Ophthalmology (UZ) Specialist Opthalmologist & Consultant

The Department of Ophthalmology at United Bulawayo Hospitals is located at Richard Morris Hospital. It is a central referral Hospital for eye care services that caters for eye care services for the entire Southern part of Zimbabwe: Bulawayo Urban, Matebeleland North and South, Midlands and Masvingo Provinces. It is a training Centre for both Doctors and nurses who are interested to specialize in eye work. The department has a staff complement of 2 consultants

Services provided

Inpatient: There are 2 wards for male and female patients

Outpatient: Eye Clinic runs from Monday to Friday. No services are offered on weekends and Public Holidays.

Eye Operation: We provide all types of eye operations

Refraction: We offer optical services to patients who need spectacles. This service is currently manned by Council for the Blind Zimbabwe.

Outreach Services: This service is offered in collaboration with Council for the Blind. Eye Specialists go for mobile services in District Hospitals and Mission Hospitals where they treat eye diseases and operate on patients requiring surgery.