About Library

Mr. B. Fambira HOD & Principal Librarian

The United Bulawayo Hospitals library is the primary source of biomedical information for all health staff. The library collects materials in all formats central to medicine, health and the basic life sciences as well as materials in the allied health sciences and other relevant areas. Materials selected are written for the health professionals or for the scholarly audience.

Using the library
Members of the library can borrow items and make use of our services and facilities. We can also advise on passwords required for accessing our online resources.

Web based Library
The library has implemented a web-based, library catalogue and circulation system. Members can search and display items in the library collection. There are back-end (admin) pages that implement management of the collection, management of patrons (users) of the
library, as well as implementing the functionality of a circulation desk

Membership Eligibility
Staff and students of United Bulawayo Hospitals are eligible to use the library for reading and borrowing of items

How to join
Registration for staff and students is done by completing a registration form
Members are issued with patron library ids to allow them to log on to the system .
Users who have an associated library patron id can view their current list of holds (requests).

IT facilities
The library has computers available for internet
Those with laptops can connect to our WiFi

 Opening Hours: 08:00-4:00*Monday to Friday