Orthopaedic Centre

Mr. K. Taruvinga A/C HOD & Higher Orthopaedic Technologist

The Orthopaedic Centre at United Bulawayo Hospitals is a specialist department in the provision of orthopaedic appliances in Bulawayo, Matebeleland North and South, Midlands, Masvingo and other provinces

Orthopaedic Technician
The department is involved in the following:Conducts outreach programmes:
Participates in teaching of student nurses
Participates in orthopaedic clinical team
Assessment of patients with neuromuscular-skeletal deformities
Designing and manufacturing of fixative and corrective orthotics
Designing and manufacturing of quality prosthetics
Provision of mobility aids e.g crutches, quadripods, walking frames, tripods
Provision of perdothics (surgical boots)

Hours of operation
The department is open from Monday to Friday, 7:30-4:00pm