Nursing Administration

Mrs.E. Gumunyu A/C Deputy Matron

Mrs. S Moyo Principal Nursing Officer

Mrs. R. Vundla Night Superintendent

The nursing department facilitates in the provision and supervision of comprehensive quality nursing care to patients and clients who seek health services at United Bulawayo Hospitals

The nursing department teaches, conducts and assists student nurses with their assessments

Assessments conducted in the clinical area

Aseptic technique

Drug administration

Total patient care

4th council assessment

In addition to that, the department offers specialist training to post graduate students seconded from other institutions e.g ICU (Intensive Care Unit), surgery, ophthalmic nursing experience’

Nursing coverage

There is 24 hour Matron coverage together with other nursing staff

Night Duty

The night duty Superintendent is in charge of the hospital at night, ensuring continuous provision of quality care