General Surgery Department

Dr. M. Magara MBChB (UZ) FCS Specialist Surgery & Consultant

Dr. B. Gwanda MBChB (UZ) Specialist Surgery & Consultant

Dr. T. Mukosera MBChB (UZ), FCS (ECSA) Specialist Surgeon & Consultant

Dr. KN Lenge MD Specialist Anaesthetics HOD & Consultant

There are two firms admitting in Grey, Pettigrew, Eaton (Paediatrics) wards. Stable patients are transferred to BMB Theatre Days Tuesdays- Elective cases. Thursdays- Emergency cases are operated as they come depending on their condition.

OPD Clinics
Monday to Friday- Patients have to be booked in Room 4 before they can be seen by specialists Wards Rounds are done every day including Saturdays
UBH is currently training doctors to become surgical specialists and also hosts junior doctors from UZ for their internship