Mr. R Sithole MSC in Developmental Studies, Policy in Administration, Post Graduate in Health Services Administration, Administration & Operations Director

The following departments fall under the Operations Director:
Central Stores
Other important administrative and business functions include hospital equipment, linen, and mortuary.
Central Stores
The Central Stores is responsible for the hospital’s purchasing and supply.

Tender procedures
United Bulawayo Hospitals requires suppliers to provide the following documents before we do business with you:
Certificate of incorporation
Valid tax certificate
Vendor Number
Company Profile
A tender or request for tender is a structured invitation by a procuring entity for vendors to supply goods and services. For a competitive tender vendors can supply goods valued at $10 000 and below and for an informal tender suppliers can supply goods valued at $50 000 and below.
The hospital will make inquiries for suppliers over the phone, a fax or email will be sent to you. Suppliers will be required to bring their quotations which they will drop in the tender box. Suppliers will be informed after a purchase requisition has been done. The supplier will supply the goods first and after the committee receives and observes the goods and finds the product to be correct one and of the right quantity payment will follow if funds are available.

The hospital can also place advertisements for informal tenders in which case suppliers will be required to buy tender documents. Suppliers can submit quotations at a specified date. The committee will open the tender box and process competitive schedule done followed by adjudication by Procurement Committee. CBU will issue a purchase order/requisition for the company to supply the goods.
Payment comes later provided funds are available.

For any donations please contact the Chief Executive Officer or Operations Director on:+263 0292 252111

This department is responsible for storage of deceased bodies, conducting of post mortems, advising relatives of deceased persons on the procedures to be followed before bodies are released to undertakers for burials. The department is also involved in preparation of pauper’s burials.
Collection of Death Certificates
Members are required to bring a National ID
Provide a vehicle number and contact number
The mortuary is open 24/7
The collection of bodies by relatives ends at 6:00 pm
Funeral Parlous collects bodies from 8:00 to 4:00pm

Social Welfare services
These services are provided to people who are unable to meet burial expenses or meet hospital bills.
Individual requiring these services are required to complete a referral form to be submitted to Ministry of Home Affairs.