Mr. C. Mandimika Director Finance

The Department of Finance at United Bulawayo Hospitals has important functions to perform that are essential for the care of patients. The department guarantees that one will receive services in keeping with one’s needs and within available resources of the hospital. The department has the responsibility for the monitoring and controlling of the hospital finances and setting of budgets on an annual basis. In addition we are responsible and accountable for the accuracy, quality and validity of all financial transactions and production of monthly and statutory financial statements.
The department performs the following functions:

Revenue and Expenditure:
Receipting of all hospital fees.
Billing of hospital services
Costing of services
Recovering of overdue accounts from debtors
Preparation of financial statements and management reports for the hospital.
Payment of creditors
Budgeting and budgetary control

Admission and Charges
Admission to our hospitals is either through the Casualty Department (for medical emergencies) or through referrals and appointments.
Admission procedures.
One has the right to choose between a General Ward and a Private Ward and one will be expected to pay the required hospital rates.
If admitted as a GOVERNMENT patient admission to Private Ward is with concurrence of the attending Specialist.
The Private Ward charges are not covered in full by some Medical Aid Insurance Schemes. It is therefore expected that where shortfalls are anticipated these should be paid in cash by yourself / guardian / employer as an advance payment before admission.
Payment for admission should be made to the Admission Clerk by way of cash deposit payment, submission of a Medical Aid Insurance Scheme Claim Form or the Assisted Medical Assistance Treatment Order supported by:
Proof of residence
National I.D.

Charges vary depending on the type of procedure and ward requested during your stay with our institutions.
For further enquiries please contact our finance department on 2nd Floor or phone +263 292 252111